I have taught first, second and third year Chinese language courses as well as conducted a number of independent study and research projects with advanced-language students.

Language instruction has always been integrated with a great deal of ancient and modern cultural material. Contemplative practices such as qigong, lectio, meditation, journaling, and water calligraphy have been used to reduce student anxiety and increase self-awareness and mindfulness.

2009 0325 China Senior_01My more content-based instruction has included Asian Humanities, Western Humanities, Asia & the Environment, Celluloid China (modern Chinese film) and study abroad courses in East and Southeast Asia. I have lead a number of faculty and student trips to Southern China, Tibet, Myanmar, Thailand and Malaysia.

DSC00485I ultimately believe that a college education is incomplete without a study abroad experience that stretches the world views, and intellectual and emotional capacities of students. Only when students come face-to-face with the reality of being a stranger and starting from scratch will they demonstrate the kind of courage, strength, independence and compassion required to become skilled, successful and sensitive leaders in their communities and careers.


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