I have always felt that some of my biggest contributions are to be made outside the confines of my usual administrative & academic work. For this reason, I have thrown myself into projects designed to create new access points for local and international communities to benefit from and engage with ideas and knowledge produced inside the academy.


Director of the Centre Summer Language Institute (2016-)

Director of External Relations, Parami University of Liberal Arts & Sciences (2016-)

Co-editor of PoetrySky, a bilingual poetry quarterly (Chinese-English)(2010-)

issue41Board Member of the Cetana Educational Foundation (supporting students and schools in Cetana-Students-KT-Sai-Phate-Phyo-Sawe-with-group-e1420839669858Myanmar)(2014-)

Co-director of Centre College’s Contemplative Studies Initiative and Meditation Centre (2012-)

Co-editor of Wokai (microfinance in China)(2010-2012)

Coordinator for Hogsett Hanyu (free Mandarin instruction to 4th graders at Hogsett Elementary School)(2010-2012)


Faculty Liaison Men’s Soccer, Centre College (2015-)

Assistant Men’s Soccer Coach, Centre College (2014)9zhhnblypugapjuc

Assistant Men’s Soccer Coach, Danville High School (2013


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