My literary research investigates lesser-known literary and artistic works that reveal key moments of cultural exchange between China and the West.

I am also an active translator of modern and contemporary Chinese and Italian poetry and prose, and regularly contribute articles to the Huffington Post and Verge Magazine.


Literary Research

Looking Over Vesuvius: Italy and the Making of Modern China (in progress).

42-cover-web-thumb2“Of Lagrime Freezing and Fillen: When Chaucer Cried for Uglino” (under review).

“When the Yellow Emperor Visited Urbino,” in the Sixteenth Century Journal: The Journal of Early Modern Studies, v. 46.2 (2015).

“Chinese Decamerons: Making Sex Revolutionary (?),” in Clio: Journal of Literature, History, and the Philosophy of History, v. 42.2 (2013).

Educational Research

Education in Myanmar in World Education Scholarship Services Webinar Series (April 15, 2017).

Myanmar in transition: Higher ed a likely priority for the NLD-led government in World Education News & Reviews (March 2016). 

Translations & Editing

Gao Hong’s Tibetan Barley 青稞 (in progress).

Yang Hongying’s A Boy’s Diary 男生日记, China Translaton and Publishing House (in progress).phpThumb_generated_thumbnail.jpg

Junko Terao’s “Eight Days in North Korea,” Los Angeles Review of Books (2016).

Su Tong’s  Another Life for Women & Three Lamps 另一种妇女生活 & 三盏灯, Simon & Schuster (2016).

Xu Yuanchong’s Together We Sing: Traditional Chinese Poetry, China Translation and Publishing House (2016).

Yang Hongying’s A Girl’s Diary 女生日记, China Translaton and Publishing House (2016).

Yang Hongying’s The Most Beautiful Sound 最好听的声音, China Translation and Publishing House (2016).

Yang Hongying’s Searching for Paradise Forest 寻找快活林, China Translaton and Publishing House (2016). 

Regular contributor to Pathlight: New Chinese Writing (publication of the Chinese Writer’s Association)(2012-).


tumblr_mlp0pljfti1snychko1_500Regular contributor to China Scenic (publication of the Chinese Academy of Sciences)(2015-).

Shu Qiao’s “Thick-Fried Omelet” in Sound of Salt Forming, UP Hawaii and Foreign Press (2015).

Creative Work

“Comfort” and “Donut run” in New Madrid 10.1 (2015).

Visual art at galleryschizzi.


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